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Our services based on IMC Activities, tailor made ready
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Our Services

Our Services is every single details of IMC activities, that crafted, tailor made to fulfill your needs Enjoy the unique services that crafted to let you get better sleep and awake up at the stands amongst the herd sphere

Accomplished, Fail, and Running Still Projects

About Us

We are Positive Chaos Communications©®™ serve everything your communications needs based on Entertaining Empowering©®™
Our IMC activities solutions based on to entertain our clients to get their selfhelp, to empower their own selves

We follow the destiny of the unplanned and uncertainty of knowledge process. Communications, as a knowledge based process, also chaotic. Starting the business process in teaching fields on 1992, after paid attention to our teaching communication process, we believe in, communication is a chaotic process, fortunately, we can emphasize our positive ideas to let the communications works smooth and fine. So, on 2000 we build our brand, Positive Chaos Communications©®™ meanwhile, we still doing researches about the relevancy of Positive Chaos on Communications. After several researches, we believe in, as we invented Entertaining Empowering©®™ as the philosophy that will emphasize our effort, to let the chaotic process of communications become an entertaining process to empowering someone. In other hands, after someone felt empowered by us, we believe in, they will be happy to share their happiness, as To Share Joyful©®™ also a part of our credo in building our clients and our community selfhelp power Of course, we will deliver our researches, to energize the confident of our clients on us. We ought to perform storytelling at the blog of this site for that purpose, thank you.

  • We build a motto, tag line, also a brand name, in order to communicating our client's happiness to others. To corroborate them, we offer special IMC activities, as the compliment for our clients, to ensure, they will gain their communications objectives.

  • To build a loyal community is a never ending process, so the strategy should be easy to adapt to the challenges that always came towards to the programs. So, Community Engineering©®™, wil be the sustainable effort, that will kept the community longing for your brand, product or even your personal style

  • News Forecasting©®™ is needed when the person, the brand or the product try have a good sphere or climate, for launching their ownselves. Also, to let the media acknowledge their existence, suit to the happening

  • It is a path that every brand, service, or public figure can endorse their concern about their community, state or people. This may affected the state regulation process, of course with the keen and responsible implementation

Our Main Cast

Our Main Cast are ready to serve you, thank you

Afzon Dakka

Founder and Inventor of Positive Chaos Communications©®™. Tag Line Specialist, Community Engineer, News Forecaster, Social and Political Prompter
Starting the business from 1992 as subcontractor for some third parties activities, up to strength enough to emphasize himself as the consultant by 2000

Sri Mulyani Septiana (Anggi)

Reseaqrch Specialist, Events Administrator, and Crafter for our project Craffelling©®™
Starting her research activities from 1999 as transcriber, translator, note taker, sub title editor, up to crafting her own research project


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To Let you get a depth sleep and awoke up as the one who stand amongst the others

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