An Idiot’s guidance to be the Top of Minds’ in Digital Era

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Dear all, after reading an inspiring ideas of DJackson, I truly aware, that nowadays, the battlefield of the brands/products/services is never ending. Almost done, the digital marketing made the battlefield provides some opportunities to be gained and mastered, but, it also gave a bright path to end the products/services/brands life cycle.

So, because the path leads us not only to heaven, but also as an abyss to hell , to get a special and unique of your marketing strategy for the brands/services/products is necessary. Unfortunately, we almost forgot one thing, top of minds of consumer perception is not always mean top gainer company. So, what will you choose, to be the top of minds or to be the top gainers?

KPMG describe that things to be fulfilled, so everyone can get the top of minds of the consumers. They explain to us well, as same as DJackson said, the battlefield nowadays is the technology based platform. So understanding the feeling or emotions of the consumers is too difficult. Because, the written expression will be different than voice expression. So,the clue to get the top of mind right now is, to keep your customers voice heard by your employee over the technology, so kindly to introduce and encourage your customer to speak to you via skype or any other video call platform better that to express their feeling over the twitter, facebook or youtube.

If digital improvement let our life more simple, why don’t we try to enjoy it! Good Luck and Thank You

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