Celebrating Iedul Fithri Al Mubarak

Thank you for  visiting us, we honored for your visit, and eager to learn a lot from your feedbacks

Welcoming Iedul Fithri, First of Syawwal, 1436 H, we, Positive Chaos Communications©®™ congratulated to all of you. Happy The Feast of Iedul Fithri 1436. Hoping that our worship of full fasting Ramadhan month, is accepted by ALLAH SWT, ALMIGHTY LORD, Amen

We asking your pardon for all of our mistakes occured in this relationship. Hopin’ that everyone of us can enjoy worshipping HIM at Ramadhan Month, up to the year of 1500 H, Amen

Taqaballahu  minna wa minkum taqabbal  Yaa Kariim
Minal ‘Aidin wal Faizin, Fii Kulli ‘Aamin, wa Antum bi khairin

Our Warmth Regards,

Afzon Dakka and Sri Mulyani Septiana (Anggi)

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