Celebrating Iedul Fithri Al Mubarak

Thank you for  visiting us, we honored for your visit, and eager to learn a lot from your feedbacks Welcoming Iedul Fithri, First of Syawwal, 1436 H, we, Positive Chaos Communications©®™ congratulated to all of you. Happy The Feast of Iedul Fithri 1436. Hoping that our worship of full fasting Ramadhan month, is accepted by ALLAH Read more about Celebrating Iedul Fithri Al Mubarak[…]

An Idiot’s guidance to be the Top of Minds’ in Digital Era

Thank you for visiting us, we honored for your visit Dear all, after reading an inspiring ideas of DJackson, I truly aware, that nowadays, the battlefield of the brands/products/services is never ending. Almost done, the digital marketing made the battlefield provides some opportunities to be gained and mastered, but, it also gave a bright path to Read more about An Idiot’s guidance to be the Top of Minds’ in Digital Era[…]

Our Apologies

Dear our beloved visitors. We are sorry to uncomfortable sphere while you are visiting this site. Why, because we are still trying hard to build this site, our Positive Chaos Communications©®™ site,  that written in English We may have a fortnightly, to make this site better looks. Meanwhile, if anyone of you has any question Read more about Our Apologies[…]

Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone, thank you for visiting our site We are Positive Chaos Communications©®™, an IMC Consultant, located in Jakarta, Indonesia.  We are proud to serve your communications problems based on our tag line, Entertaining, Empowering©®™ This site is will be written in English, so if you are fond of reading it in Bahasa Indonesia, kindly Read more about Hi Everyone![…]

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